Objectives and main outputs


OB1: To identify needs and specific requirements of companies in different industrial sectors and businesses for DHE and to find companies willing to participate in pilot implementations of DHE during the project;.

OB2: To develop a flexible and generic DHEM to support different needs and interests of employers, HEIs and students in different industrial and business sectors and to provide recommendations to HEIs for implementation of DHE;

OB3: To test the specific DHE models generated from the developed generic DHEM, by realizing their pilot implementations during the project and to analyze achieved results;

OB4: To propose changes to legislation/regulations to adapt DHE in the Partner countries.


  1. Report on companies needs for DHE;
  2. Flexible and generic Dual Higher Education Models for Moldova and Ukraine developed;
  3. White Paper on DHE elaborated;
  4. Recommendations for amendments to the Law on Higher Education secured;
  5. Guidelines on DHE implementation elaborated;
  6. Dual Study Programs identified;
  7. Training materials for specific Dual Study Programs developed;
  8. Analysis of the results of pilot testing of each of specific DHEM realised, report published;