Study Visit to University of Lleida, 8-12 November 2021

On November 8-12, 2021 within COOPERA project ′′Integration of dual higher education in Moldova and Ukraine” (Ref. Nr. 617490) has been organized and realized Study Visit to the University of Lleida, Spain. Partner Universities from Moldova and Ukraine, together with Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Moldova, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and  Varna University of Management have been actively involved in the study visit and followed agenda prepared by the hosts. Other colleagues from Moldova, Ukraine and Eu partner universities that couldn’t join physically, were present online.

The University of Lleida has a successful experience in collaborating with regional companies in coordinating study activities in a dual education for various fields, such as agriculture, engineering and socio-human sciences. A central partner of the University of Lleida, in dual education is the agri-food giant Company bonÀrea, that COOPERA project consortium has a chance to visit as a part of the first day’s agenda. Mr. Xavier MORENO  head of Human Resources of bonÀrea presented the importance of fundamental training to be carried out in partnership with open universities, advantages of this kind of collaboration for both university and company. The integration and working experience of students involved has been presented by Mr. Antonio SANFELIU, head of production. Furthermore, the master students of the “Innovation and Management program” of the University of Lleida has presented his experience as a part of bonÀrea company, underlying strengths and weakness of the direct involvement in the dual education process. The visit to bonÀrea company has been finalised with the questions and answers sessions.

The second part of the day has been dedicated to the visit to the RosRoca company. RosRoca is part of the Dutch group Royal Terberg, which in turn includes dozens of other companies from 15 other countries. Thus, in the case of RosRoca, the students of dual engineering education at the University of Lleida have access to an international work environment. Currently the number of master students is equal to 6, where students are being paid about 14/15 thousand euro annually, working four hours a day.

The second day’s agenda focused on the university perspective of dual studies, which must offer benefits to the three parties involved: the university, the company and the students. The University of Lleida is a leader in dual higher education, being among the first to initiate the implementation of this type of vocational training in Spain. The dual higher education models have been presented and discussed in detail by the COOPERA project consortium.

The third day’s agenda involved the study of forms of partnership the University of Leida holds with the local scientific and technological community. One of them is PCiTAL, that COOPERA consortium has a chance to visit. Lleida City Hall together with the University decided to set up the Agri-Food Science and Technology Park in Lleida, “PCiTAL – Lleida Agri-Food Science and Technology Park” in order to revitalize the economic activity of the area by increasing the competitiveness of companies determined by innovation and technological transfer.

For more information please take a look at the PROGRAMME and MINUTES of the Visit.

The Presentation realised during the Study Visit can be found below:

  1. COOPERA_SV to Udl_9.11 – Welcome & Introduction by Ferran BADIA
  2. COOPERA_SV to Udl_9.11 – bonÀrea by Xavier MORENO
  3. COOPERA_SV to Udl_9.11 Ros & Roca by Ramon CARULLA
  4. COOPERA_SV to Udl_10.11 – Dual Education at UdL by Albert CASTELLS
  5. COOPERA_SV to Udl_10.11 – Industrial Engineering by Albert CASTELLS
  6. COOPERA_SV to Udl_10.11 Primary Education by Jordi L. COIDURAS
  7. COOPERA_SV to Udl_10.11 – Informatics Engineering by Josep L. LERIDA
  8. COOPERA_SV to Udl_11.11 – EURECAT by Xavier DOMINGO